Breastfeeding may Boost Child's IQ

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Jul 31, 2013

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breast feeding to increase IQ

You can boost your child’s IQ through breastfeeding; this has been observed in a recent study. In fact longer breastfeeding is associated with better receptive language at 3 years of age and verbal and nonverbal intelligence at the age of 7.

The research by Mandy B Belfort and colleagues of Boston Children’s Hospital and examined that the relationships of breastfeeding duration and exclusivity with child cognition at the age of 3 and 7 years. Researchers have also found that the seven year olds breastfed for the first year of their lives were in fact more likely to score four pints in a test on verbal IQ. It increased by 0.35 points for every extra month of breastfeeding and then again 0.29 point per month on the non verbal tests.

The researchers said, "In summary, our results support a causal relationship of breastfeeding in infancy with receptive language at age 3 and with verbal and nonverbal IQ at school age."

This study was published by JAMA Pediatrics, which is a JAMA Network publication.

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