Breast Milk is Best for Babies

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jul 12, 2013

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doctor in foreground and breastfeeding in backgroundNow we all know that breast milk is the best for kids, and scientists have been trying to prove this point and show how much of truth this statement actually holds.

Chemical and Engineering News senior editor Jyllian Kemsley has pointed out that the findings reveal many intriguing and also counterintuitive ways in which sugars, proteins and fat in milk interact with microbes in infants’ intestines in order to nourish babies and protect their health. Thus making breast milk the cornerstone for a nutritious and healthy diet for babies.

On the other hand scientists have also discovered that breast milk contains what is known as oligosaccharides, this is complex sugars that babies cannot even digest and rather than providing nutritional value directly to infants, it actually confers protection. They feed beneficial intestinal bacteria that seem to crowd out harmful E coli strains that might otherwise thrive.

The findings were published in the Chemical and Engineering News.

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