Breakthrough in AIDS Cure

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May 22, 2012

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AIDS logoScientists have been successful in controlling AIDS infection in monkeys for more than a year with an experimental vaccine. The US researchers behind this experiment said that it could lead to a vaccine for humans to treat AIDS in the future.

They explained that the vaccine works by enabling the immune system to promptly attack the HIV virus when it first infects the body, at a stage when the virus is most vulnerable. It will be possible to test this vaccine in people in three years from now, said Louis Picker of the Oregon National Primate Research Centre.

This vaccine has been tested with a primate version of the AIDS virus called simian immunodeficiency virus. The results were encouraging as over half of the vaccine was able to prevent the HIV virus from replicating and even the most sensitive tests could not detect any trace of the presence of virus.


Picker elaborated on the results of vaccine test done on monkeys that they were able to maintain control over the HIV AIDS virus for a year and actually did not show any signs of ever being infected with the virus. The vaccine was found to keep the virus under complete control or clearing it altogether. This is a breakthrough in treatment of HIV AIDS.


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  • REV GERALD MBOGO16 Feb 2013

    Thanks for your effort. Your breakthrough is most welcome it will save millions of souls. As a minister of the church our prayers are: "MAY GOD GIVE YOU MORE INSIGHTS AND WISDOM TO HIS PEOPLE WHO ARE DESPARATELY IN NEED OF A CURE" God bless you much In His service Gerald