Blame Male Infertility on Missing Protein

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Sep 24, 2012

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Blame Male Infertility on Missing ProteinLack of protein can be the cause for infertile human sperm. Researchers from Cardiff University have recently found that if a missing protein is added then the infertile human sperm can kick start its ability to fertilize an egg and thus increase the chances of pregnancy.


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It has been found that the human sperm transfers a very significant protein known as PLCz to the egg upon fertilization. This protein then initiates a process that gives rise to all the biological process that is required to start the biological process for the development of an embryo. This process is called egg activation. Now, the research team has found out that those eggs which do not fertilize due to a defective PLCz can be treated with this active protein in order to produce egg activation.


Some males as we know are incapable of activating eggs, even after their sperm fuses with an egg. These sperms, according to Professor Tony Lai lack the proper functioning type of PLCz, and this is essential in triggering the next stage of pregnancy. The important part of this research was that human sperm PLCz was used to obtain positive results that was earlier only observed in experiments with mice.


This new breakthrough can solve the riddle of infertility and bring about more positive results in the future.



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