Binge Drinking and Overeating are Linked

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Apr 24, 2014

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A report showing trends on binge drinking has linked it to overeating. It says that drinking three large glasses of wine or more can make people consume 6300 extra calories in the 24 hours that follow.

binge drinkingThis pushing over a tipping point and taking up extra calories could lead to gaining 900g a week. 2042 people had participated in the survey. And about half of all these people had admitted to gorge on chips, pizza and kebabs when they crossed the threshold.

Half of the people asked had also cancelled physical activities the day after drinking more than 9.3 units, equivalent to slightly less than four pints of beer, said Slimming World, which commissioned the research from YouGov. To burst the hangover, these people had instead turned to bed, TV and social media along with another extra 2,051 calories, on top of their usual diet, the next day.

On the night, they had consumed about 2,829 calories in food and 1,476 calories in drink, the survey said.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, head of nutrition and research at Slimming World, said alcohol loosened self-control.

She said people who had consumed more alcohol tended to eat at a greater rate and for longer.

"Alcohol makes the food even more rewarding. It tastes good and feels even better than it would do normally," said Dr Lavin.

She called for the government to launch a communications campaign to inform people of the impact of drinking on weight gain, and for calories to be included on alcohol labels.

If we will measure the calorie count of alcohol, it will come to- Small glass of wine- 160 cals, Single measure of spirit- 54 cals, Pint of bitter- 190 cals, Pint of cider- 256 cals, Bottle of alcopop- 192 cals. This survey confirms the link between alcohol and obesity.

Source: BBC
Image Source: Getty Images

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