Why Bhujangasana should be a part of your daily life

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Dec 14, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Bhujangasana pose helps to ease spine problems.
  • It can be the absolute cure for backaches and slipped disc.
  • It must be practiced under medical supervision.

Bhujangasana yoga pose, also known as the cobra pose, is very effective in dealing with spinal cord pain. People who have a slipped disc problem are greatly benefited by this asana. 


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It essentially depicts flexibility and eternity of King Cobra and is performed through the following steps:

  • Lie down on the ground facing the floor with your chest and abdomen touching the ground.
  • The legs should be joined properly in such fashion that the heels and knees of both legs touch each other. Now stretch the legs as much as possible to resemble the tail of a serpent.
  • Place the palms near the chest facing the ground and slowly lift the head. The elbows should be straight and stretched completely.
  • Now lift the upper body part including the head, neck, shoulders, chest and upper part of the abdomen in such a manner that it resembles the shape of a hooded cobra. All the weight is exerted on the hands, thighs and the legs.
  • Bend your neck as much as you can to feel the stretch in your spines. Hold your breath until you maintain this position. If you can’t hold the breath, inhale while holding on to the position.
  • Release the pose by relaxing the abdomen first on the ground, then chest and finally the head. This yoga position begins from cervical region of the spine and ends in the lumbar region.

Bhujangasana has numerous health benefits and imparts a positive effect on the internal organs of the body. 

  • It treats severe back aches including spondylitis, lumbago (slipped disc) and hyperkyphosis.
  • It tones the body's muscles, especially hand, legs and abdominal muscles.
  • Because pressure is applied to stomach muscles during this asana, it is an effective treatment for constipation.
  • It also improves the working of the liver, spleen, pancreas and gall bladder.
  • It causes weight loss by controlling appetite and burning calories stored in the stomach.
  • It is a very efficient way to treat amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, leukorrhea and other uterine disorders.

Bhujangasna yoga is mainly performed to treat spinal pain, increase backbone flexibility and balance metabolic functioning of the body. It is an ideal way to relax the body's muscles and strengthen backbone.

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