Ways to relax and unwind after a hectic day

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Mar 28, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Take a warm shower or bath; it helps your muscles to relax.
  • Drink a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate.
  • Yoga or meditation techniques help you calm your mind.

A long day at work or school can leave you sapped. With hardly any energy left, you may feel stressed. If you don’t relax in that case, the stress gradually builds up. It is important to relieve stress after you get home each day, taking a break to calm down and relax. Taking time to relax will revive and energise you for the next busy day.


ways to relax


Take a bath

When you get home after school or work, take a warm shower or bath. Warm water helps your muscles to relax. It will be better if you can add lavender or other calming essential oils to the bath. These are calming scents that help you wind down after a hectic day. Thereafter, change into your most comfortable clothing like pyjamas once you get out of the shower.


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Drink tea or hot chocolate

Once you get out of the shower, drink a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate. Just close your eyes, visualise a peaceful setting and sip down your tea as you call it a day.


Meditate or practice deep breathing exercises

Yoga or meditation techniques help you calm your mind. A few minutes of meditation are enough to forget the tiring day. Perform deep-breathing exercises to relax. According to a study at the University of Maryland Medical Center, concentrating on the sound of your breath to help you relax.


Cook your favourite delicacy

Cook a favourite meal for dinner or call up your favourite restaurant for something that you love eating. When you need to relax – eat your favourite food.


Do something you enjoy

Do something that you enjoy before you go to bed. You may choose to read, write, listen to music or play with your kids. Listening to your favourite music is one way you leave the day behind you. It is better to stay away from rock, punk or pop music, unless you want to be energised.


relax after a tiring day


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Watch your favourite TV show

Switch on the television for your favourite TV show after you finish dinner. Munch on your nuts or popcorn while you watch your favourite TV show.


Turn off distractions

Think about all the things that prevent you from relaxing; keep them away. Turn off your phone and let voice mail take your calls. This will make it easier for you to relax and work-related things don’t disturb you doing your relaxation time.


If you are drained, go to bed earlier than your usual time. Make your sleeping or living area comfortable and get the rest. According to the Franklin Institute, lack of sleep can lead to increased stress.

Loosening is increasingly important for those who have a hectic schedule on a regular basis. Spending the day rushing from task to task can leave him feeling stressed and overworked. A hectic schedule can sometimes prevent you from properly enjoying or accomplishing things that you want to. Don’t let work-related stress get in the way of life.


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  • Gaurav27 Feb 2014

    It is common to feel stressed after a long day. Take time to relax after work to improve your emotional health and energize you for the next day.

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