Best Foods for Better Sex

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May 31, 2012

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Best Foods for Better Sex

There is no definite sex diet, but there are foods that bring a positive change to your sex drive. Sexual activity, like other body mechanisms, is affected by everything that is being fed into our bodies. Some people also confuse good food with better sex. The most popular ones are romantic foods such as chocolate dessert and wine. Such foods just sound romantic, but are not really the super sex foods as much as you'd like to believe.


Humans tend to spend a lot of money to boost their sexual performance or increase the degree of sexual pleasure. Structuring a sex diet, which ensures the same, should be your approach. The diet must aim at improving sexual vitality, potency and overall health. Mentioned below are some of the super sex foods that enhance one’s sexual drive and performance.


Green Vegetables

Green vegetables, especially spinach, help in streamlining blood flow to the genitals. Enriched with magnesium, green vegetables help dilate blood vessels and create greater arousal for men and women. Broccoli, sprouts and cabbage are other vegetables that have folate, a nutrient that enhances reproductive health. Regular consumption of green vegetables helps in maintaining blood levels and prevents abrasive amino acid from causing health concerns.


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Meat-Wine Combo

The combo has romantic element in it along with a definite health dose. Antioxidants in wine trigger the production of nitric oxide in the blood, helping arteries to relax and increase blood flow to the genitals. Only a glass of alcohol is advised as a lot of alcohol may ruin sexual performance. If you have problems limiting alcohol, replace wine with dark grape juice. Meat has zinc to restrict the production of a hormone called prolactin. Abnormal quantity of this hormone causes sexual dysfunctions.


Unsweetened Tea

Catechin is the antioxidant present in unsweetened tea that promotes blood flow all over the body along with the genitals for greater arousal. It also enhances sex power, memory, mood and focus. Unsweetened tea also reduces the body's ability to produce endorphins, which reduces the risk of depression and attunes the sex drive.


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Chocolate is one of the romantic foods with healthy properties. It has phenylethylamine (PEA), which boosts the release of feel-good dopamine in the brain to enjoy the sexual activity. Therefore, choose a chocolate with 60 percent cocoa and enjoy the benefits.



Coffee is your drink to set the tone for sexual pursuit. It has caffeine, which increases the desire for sexual act and also increases the degree of sexual arousal.



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