Best baby massage oils you must have

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Mar 10, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Massage helps with circulation.
  • Also enhances sleep for the baby.
  • Provides cooling effect in summers.
  • Oils with anti-bacterial properties are good for the baby.

If you have little one at home you would know it’s traditional to massage your baby before giving him a bathe. But new parents are often not aware which oils, creams and lotions are best to give massage to the baby. Therefore, we took it on our hands to help you guide which massage oils you should use for your baby.


give your baby a massage


Use coconut oil in summer

Coconut oil is believed to be a good choice when it comes to give massage to your baby in the months of summer. It gives a cooling effect on the body. Besides this, what makes it a better choice is its availability. You can also try using sesame oil, olive oil and almond oil.


Use mustard oil in cold weather

Now you may be wondering which massage oil is best for your baby when the weather is cold? Try mustard oil as it keeps the body warm. To enhance the benefits of this massage, you can heat garlic cloves and fenugreek seeds with mustard oil. Garlic contain certain chemicals with antiviral and anti-bacterial properties which help to boost the immune system while fenugreek helps in relaxing the body. Mustard oil is preferred for giving massages in cold weather as it warms the body.

Massage oils for sensitive skin

If your baby has sensitive skin, it is best that you should avoid using vegetables like olive oil or sunflower oil.  These oils contain higher type of fatty acid called oleic acid that makes layers of your baby’s skin more porous and dry. Instead, use vegetable oil that higher in linoleic acid. Vegetable oils that are higher in linoleic acid are better for sensitive skin.



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