Best Age to have a Baby

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Nov 04, 2011

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There are number of factors that must be considered before making decision to have a baby, age is one of them. By knowing the ideal age to conceive you can increase chances of smoother pregnancy and healthy baby. Best age to have a baby depends on factors such as fertility, psychological state of mother and economic security.


Optimal Age to have a Baby


When seen from medical standpoint, women’s 20s is the best time to conceive. Women have best physical opportunity to conceive between 18 to 25 years. In this age women is more likely to deliver infant with least amount of physical problems.

Experts are of view that woman’s fertility peaks at 24. But when a woman turns 25 her fertility decrease and so do the chances of getting pregnant. However, women still have fair amount of chances to get pregnant till their early 30s.

Majority of women consider 25 to 35 years to be the best age to get pregnant. Reason being that till this age most of them have desired economical security and practical experience of life. Women at this age are stable enough to provide physical, emotional and economical support to their baby.

Experts are of view that women must get pregnant before she reaches the age of 35 as it become extremely difficult to have baby after 35.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, decrease in women’s fertility starts from early 30. In addition, women younger than 35 years have 15 percent chances of miscarriage. This risk keeps on increasing with the age of women .i.e. 20 to 35% in women aging 35 to 40 and 50% in women aging more than 45 years.

Getting pregnant at 40 increase risk of many health complications and is risky for both the mother as well as child. Women who try to conceive after 40 mostly need fertility assistance to get pregnant.

Factors to be considered before planning your pregnancy:

  • Before making decision to have a baby it is important to consider your health. Make sure that you are healthy enough to conceive, deliver and take care of baby.
  • You must be prepared to deal with the financial cost as well.
  • Both the partners must be emotionally prepared for the decision to have a baby.
  • It is equally important to consider the impact on careers of both the partner.


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