Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

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Jan 25, 2013

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Pregnancy is easily the most coveted phase in a woman’s life. She needs to take special care of her health and well being to remain healthy and rejuvenated. There are numerous support systems that have been devised and developed to provide pregnant women the care they need. One of them is a pregnancy pillow.

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Provides Maximum Support to the Abdomen

During pregnancy, the area that requires maximum support is the abdomen because it continues to grow in size with each trimester. The pregnancy pillows are designed in such fashion that they provide adequate amount of support to the abdomen and the supporting back muscles. The pillows come with adjustable flaps that can help in adjusting the height of the pillows as per one's requirement. Besides, when you use a pregnancy pillow, you can sleep comfortably and turn or move during sleep without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Induces Peaceful Sleep

Because pregnancy pillows are C-shaped, they provide adequate support to the areas where they are needed the most. There are different sizes available for catering to different trimesters of pregnancy. You can tuck in your tummy and provide adequate relaxation to your hip and back muscles to ensure a restful sleep.

Keeps Pain related Illnesses Away

The pregnancy pillow keeps pain related illnesses like arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck pain, hip pain etc away during the course of pregnancy.The different sizes that these pillow come in ensure that they keep the flexibility and strength of the woman's bones and muscles intact, thereby decreasing the risk of injuries.

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Keeps Allergies at Bay

Most pregnancy pillows are filled with hypoallergenic polyfills that do not cause allergies, breathing problems or any skin related diseases. They are 100% safe for usage during pregnancy and even after delivery.

Provides Breastfeeding Support

Pregnancy pillows are often provided with breastfeeding support and can be used even after your pregnancy is over.

Convenient to Carry

They are convenient to carry wherever you go and can be placed under any body part. Pregnancy pillows can be easily machine-washed, dried and prepared for re-use.

Available in Different Colours

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the pillows are available in several bright colours and putting a couple of them can truly brighten up your bedroom.

The pregnancy pillow scores well over other comforters specifically during pregnancy. Make sure you buy one well in time.


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