Now you could attract the Opposite Sex just by being Nice

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Sep 16, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • New study says that showing selfless behaviour could make you attractive.
  • Participants were asked to rate the attractiveness based on a list of qualities.
  • Those who showed altruistic behaviour were seen to score highest.
  • This attractiveness makes the opposite sex want to have long term relationship.

being nice makes you attractive to opposite sexA new study says that those people who display altruistic or selfless behaviour come across as more attractive as potential partners by the opposite sex. This has been revealed after a recent study led by researchers from The University of Nottingham and Liverpool John Moores University.

The research was conducted with 32 women and 35 men who were asked to rate the attractiveness of the opposite sex based on a list of qualities. The list included attributes that were selfless, for example, doing shopping for an elderly neighbour, and also those that are considered neutral, like, preferences for food.

Results of the study showed that both the male and the female sexes found those partners potential for a long term relationship who had happened to be involved in altruistic acts. These acts include caring for a sick relative or doing voluntary work in the community and so on.

Dr. Freya Harrison a Research Fellow in The University of Nottingham’s Life Sciences Centre for Biomolecular Sciences, and senior author of the study said, "At first glance, it's difficult to see how natural selection could favour behaviours that involve investing significant time and resources to help others at a cost to oneself.”

Harrison added that an additional factor that researchers have started to investigate is that 'altruistic' acts might make someone more attractive to the opposite sex, increasing their chances of having children and passing on their genes.

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