Be fashionable with gumboots this monsoon

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Jan 07, 2013

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Be fashionable with gumboots this monsoon The monsoon has knocked our door and yes, we can see you smiling over this!

It is also the time to shop our heart out. After all when else will we get to flaunt that red coloured raincoat, or those flower(y) umbrellas? And when talking about shopping in this rainy season, how can one miss out shopping for gumboots?

This monsoon, gumboots are a rage. Many stores all over Delhi are stocking the footwear in every shape and colour possible.

Arvinder Singh, owner of Appeal, a store in Rajouri Garden, says, "We have piled up around 200-250 pieces all for monsoon. After all, gumboots are a hit among men, women and even children. Going with the vibe around, this time we are going for bright multi-coloured variety."

These gumboots are accessible in basically all kind of solid colours and prints. Polka dots, checks, stars, cup cakes, abstract patterns are to name a few. Many stores prefer stocking up only single colour or printed boots, but looking at the way people are welcoming it, there seems to be dearth of variety.

‘Shoe-girl’ Sheetal Bhatnagar, a 27 years old media professional, says, “My first love are my shoes and when it comes to buying gumboots, I can boast of having 22 pairs with me”.

Even though these gumboots are basically perceived as a hip statement, they come with practical benefits too. They guard your feet against that soggy, damp feeling and keeps water-borne disease at bay.

Keeping in mind the demand of gumboots in the market, brands nowadays put forward an all-encompassing gamut of boots that provide full safeguard to the feet even in the harshest of surroundings.

So, go flaunt your feet this monsoon!

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