Banana: New staple food

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Nov 01, 2012

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Banana New staple food

Bananas are always known as a source of instant energy and high nutritional values. But, now it is all set to take over potato as the new staple food, thanks to global warming.


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The change in the global climate and pattern of agriculture has adversely effected the production of the bananas and potatoes.

With warmer temperatures across the world, the banana production has risen considerably. At the same time, the potato production has taken a hit as warm conditions are not appropriate for potatoes.

Researchers from the Consultative Group on the International Agricultural Research partnership said that while bananas may replace potato as the staple food in some developing countries and little known fruits like caussava and cowpea will play an important role in the coming years.

They also predicted that people will have to adapt to new set of menu as traditional foods may suffer in new climatic conditions.

The researchers also mentioned that there could be a possibility for cultivation of some new banana varieties. Dr Philip Thorton, a researcher also said that while bananas also have limiting factors, they may be a good substitute for potatoes in certain locations.


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