Balance Mind and Body with Ayurveda

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May 05, 2011

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Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that aims to balance the body, mind and spirit for optimum performance of a person and prevention and treatment of disease. Several problems such as headaches, hair loss and weight gain can be cured with this system of medicine. To achieve balance of mind and body, ayurveda recommends a proper diet, exercise and seasonal activities. Read on to know how to balance mind and body with ayurveda.


Follow Ayurvedic Diet


To do this you will have to establish your dosha type that depends on your mind and body type. You can do this by consulting an ayurvedic practitioner or determine it yourself by reading books or researching on the internet. This can guide you on the foods that you should consume and the foods that you should avoid. Following an ayurvedic diet usually does not cost more than you would normally spend on groceries.


Practice Yoga


Regular practice of yoga along with a nutritious ayurvedic diet will do wonders for you. You will surely notice improvement in your awareness, physical health, mental stability and your ability to deal with stress. Yoga is considered good for spiritual growth as well. You can learn yoga by going to yoga classes or from yoga videos, books and web sites. Some of the popular types of yoga are Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga,  yoga and Viniyoga.

Meditate for Balance


Ayurveda encourages meditation as it has several benefits. It clears your mind and improves your awareness. In addition it also improves your self-knowledge; an important factor that leads to a healthier mind and body, greater intelligence and stronger intuition. Meditation can be classified as daily meditation and awareness meditation. In daily mediation, the meditation is done at a specific time daily for relaxation and spiritual growth. In the case of awareness meditation, you are supposed to practice the simple art of being in the moment and it is practiced constantly in every activity that you do. You will have to find the specific type of meditation that works for you. You can learn meditation by joining classes, reading books, CD's or videos.

According to principles of ayurveda, a combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics determine an individual’s constitution. As ayurveda stresses on prevention and promotion and maintenance of health (mind and body balance) by adopting healthy lifestyle habits it is becoming more and more popular not only in India but in the developed countries as well.



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