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Popular Baby Names Starting With M with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
MahadevLord Shiva BoyHindu
MasoomahInnocent GirlMuslim
MariyahFair complexion, name of the wife of the Prophet GirlMuslim
MaryamArabic form of "Mary", Mother of Jesus GirlMuslim
ManhaGift of Allah GirlMuslim
MahibahNoble, respected GirlMuslim
MahreenBright and Beautiful as the sun GirlMuslim
MahvishMoon-face GirlMuslim
MaisahWalking with a proud, swinging gait GirlMuslim
MahbubahBeloved GirlMuslim
ManveerStrength Of Peace GirlHindu
MedhaviVery Intelligent GirlHindu
MannatWish GirlHindu
ManasikaOf Mind GirlHindu
MandaviWife Of Bharat GirlHindu
MandithaAdorned GirlHindu
ManikaOf Jewels, Ruby GirlHindu
ManitaConversation with GOD GirlHindu
ManjariA Bunch GirlHindu
ManjimaBeauty GirlHindu
MalkaQueen GirlHindu
MaduraA Bird GirlHindu
MadhurSweet GirlHindu
MadhulaSweet GirlHindu
MagnaiOld Tamil word for peacock GirlHindu
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