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Baby Girl Names Starting With S with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
SohanCharm GirlHindu
SomaMoon-rays GirlHindu
SwatiName of a star GirlHindu
SuchandraBeautiful GirlHindu
SuchitraBeautiful GirlHindu
SonaliGolden GirlHindu
SonalGolden GirlHindu
SrideviGoddess Lakshmi GirlHindu
StutiPraise GirlHindu
SurekhaBeautifully drawn GirlHindu
SupriyaBeloved GirlHindu
SunandaVery pleasing GirlHindu
SulochanaOne with beautiful eyes GirlHindu
SudiptiBrightness GirlHindu
ShachiWife of Lord Indra GirlHindu
SarojaLotus GirlHindu
ShantiPeace GirlHindu
SharmilaHappy GirlHindu
SharikaGoddess Durga GirlMuslim
SharvaniGoddess Parvati GirlHindu
ShashiThe moon GirlHindu
ShashibalaThe moon GirlHindu
Sheelacool GirlHindu
SheetalCool GirlHindu
ShivangiBeautiful GirlHindu
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