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Baby Girl Names Starting With O with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
ObaidiyahBondswoman of Allah GirlMuslim
OmmataGirl slave GirlMuslim
OrwiyaFemale mountain goat GirlMuslim
OrzalaBrightness of Fire GirlMuslim
OzraVirgin, Virgin Mary GirlMuslim
OzzaA baby fawn GirlMuslim
OmeraEnjoys having a positive attitude GirlMuslim
OshmaSummer season GirlHindu
OsheeDivine GirlHindu
OnimaAnalysis GirlMuslim
OnalikaImage GirlHindu
OmyshaSmile GirlMuslim
OshmiPersonality GirlHindu
OmairaStar GirlMuslim
OmkariReligious Word Om GirlHindu
OjaswitaBright (Brightness), a person symbolic of brightness GirlHindu
OishiDivine GirlHindu
OviaPainting GirlHindu
OdathiRefreshing GirlHindu
OindrilaAnother Name For The Wife Of Indra GirlHindu
OviyamBeautiful Art GirlHindu
OviyaKodiVine in a Beautiful Art GirlHindu
OppilaaNangaiUnique Lady GirlHindu
OppilaaChelviUnique Girl GirlHindu
OliyarasiBrilliant GirlHindu
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