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Baby Girl Names Starting With L with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
LyanaEye of the light GirlMuslim
LublubahAffectionate, tender GirlMuslim
LujainaSilver GirlMuslim
LawahizGlances in Arabic GirlMuslim
LayanGentle and soft GirlMuslim
LeylaNight GirlMuslim
LhaamIntuition GirlMuslim
LraazMystery GirlMuslim
LubanPine tree GirlMuslim
LateefahVariant transcription of LATIFA GirlMuslim
LabbaanahMilk GirlMuslim
LabeebaEloquent,Intelligent GirlMuslim
LabeeqaIntelligent, Active, Adorned, Refined GirlMuslim
LaihaGlittering GirlMuslim
LambaFlame GirlMuslim
LameesPure silk GirlMuslim
LaiqaWorthy, deserving, elegant GirlMuslim
LamiaBrilliant, lustrous GirlMuslim
LutfKindness, friendliness GirlMuslim
LutfiyaDelicate, graceful GirlMuslim
Lutfun NisaGrace of women GirlMuslim
LutfanaKind, helper GirlMuslim
LayinaTender, supple, resilient GirlMuslim
LayyahTwist, Flexure GirlMuslim
LemaEye GirlMuslim
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