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Baby Girl Names Starting With I with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
Inayatur RahmanCare of the most Gracious (Allah) GirlMuslim
IntikhabChoice GirlMuslim
Irtiza HusainApproval of Husayn GirlMuslim
Ijazul HaqInimitability of the Truth (Allah) GirlMuslim
Ikram-ul-HaqGlory of the Truth (Allah) GirlMuslim
IkrimaA female pigeon Name of an illustrious Sahabi GirlMuslim
IlahiMy lord (for Allah), divine GirlMuslim
ImaadPillar GirlMuslim
InayatullahCare of Allah GirlMuslim
Ibn SinaThe celebrated physician Avicenna GirlChristian
Iftikhar-ud-DinPride of the religion (Islam) GirlMuslim
Iftikharus SadatPride of the chiefs GirlMuslim
Ihsanul HaqKindness of the Truth (Allah) GirlMuslim
IqlasTrustful GirlMuslim
IremA Garden in Heaven GirlMuslim
IshamlFlower GirlMuslim
Ishrat jahanDelightful world GirlMuslim
IsraaVariant transcription of ISRA GirlMuslim
IsratPure and gentle GirlMuslim
ItafClock GirlMuslim
Izz an-nisaShe was a narrator of Hadith GirlMuslim
IzzatiNoble GirlMuslim
IlqisQueen of sheeba GirlMuslim
ImaanFaith GirlMuslim
Imanebelief GirlMuslim
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