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Baby Girl Names Starting With E with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
EsitaDesired GirlMuslim
EmmaEntire, All GirlMuslim
EmilyFlower GirlMuslim
EimanFaith GirlMuslim
ElijahBeautiful, sweet, smart GirlMuslim
EshaalParadise Flower GirlMuslim
ElhamInspiration, revelation GirlMuslim
EhteramRespect GirlMuslim
EiraSnow GirlMuslim
ErminaFriendly GirlMuslim
EshalThe name of flower in the heaven GirlMuslim
EzzahA person who gives the honour, respect GirlMuslim
ElizaUnique, precious GirlMuslim
ElmaApple GirlMuslim
ErinaBeautiful lady GirlMuslim
EiliyahThe beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God GirlMuslim
EimaanFaith GirlMuslim
EvanshiSimilarity GirlHindu
EvaLife, Living One, Variant Of Eve GirlHindu
EswariWife Of God Siva GirlHindu
EshnaDesire GirlMuslim
EshmaLucky GirlHindu
EshikaAn Arrow, Dart GirlHindu
EshanyaEast GirlHindu
ErumDaughter-in-law of Aditi GirlMuslim
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