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Baby Girl Names Starting With D with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
DruthiSoftened GirlHindu
DrishyaSight GirlHindu
DrishtiSight GirlHindu
DeeptiFull of light GirlHindu
DhuhaForenoon GirlMuslim
DastiaarHelper, Assistant GirlMuslim
DayfahGuest GirlMuslim
DayannaDivine,God Like GirlMuslim
DeebaaCloth of silk GirlMuslim
DhakiyyahA lady with a sharp mind and keen perception, Intelligent GirlMuslim
DariyaLearned GirlMuslim
DariyahAware, Knowledgeable GirlMuslim
DarraPearl, brilliant, teat GirlMuslim
DaryaSea GirlMuslim
Danish araEndowed with wisdom, learning GirlMuslim
DameethaSimple and one of good manners GirlMuslim
DanishWisdom, learning GirlMuslim
DaniaBeautiful GirlMuslim
DaiyaCaller for Islam GirlMuslim
DanyahClose GirlMuslim
Dur AfshanScattered pearls, beads GirlMuslim
Dur-e-ShahwarKings worthy pearl GirlMuslim
DiwaCandle / Light GirlMuslim
DilkashAttractive, captivating GirlMuslim
DaulahWealth, empire, state, power GirlMuslim
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