Baby Illnesses are tied to Parents who Command against Vitamin K Shots

By  , Agency News
Nov 18, 2013

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Health officials recently reported four Tennessee cases of a certain type of rare infant illness that has been linked to parents who refuse to go through routine shots of vitamin K for newborns.

Newborn baby illnessThe four babies suffered from brain as well as stomach bleeding in the early part of this year. The cause for it has been found to the refusal to let the babies be given the vitamin K shot that is to be given necessarily and routinely after the birth of a baby. The doctors say that vitamin K shots prevent internal bleeding and improve clotting of blood.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have put it across that the illnesses were initially tied to the parents of the babies opting out of the vitamin K shots. When the parents were spoken to about their opinion against getting their babies the shot, they cited that doing so leads to leukemia and that they were not really necessary. Officials on the other hand state that neither of these assumptions was true.

It is important for parents to realise that getting their newborn babies to take flu shots regularly is important as doing so prevents any untoward complication from cropping up.


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