Baby Digestive Problems' Symptoms

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Mar 14, 2012

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Baby Digestive Problems SymptomsBabies are prone to indigestion and other digestive problems as their digestive system is not fully developed to digest complex food materials. Due to improper digestion babies generally face gastric and constipation problems.

The feeding habits of babies are very different. Their stomach needs time to get acquainted with the varying food intake. Though these problems are not serious and the baby overcomes these problems with time, but if one of these persist for too long, it definitely calls for a proper medical check-up. There are a few symptoms which indicate that your baby is having digestive problems.


Feeding problem in babies

When a baby suffers from any digestive problem it affects his oesophagus as well. It causes a burning sensation in his stomach, resulting in loss of appetite. The baby gets irritated and shows mood swings too. He fails to feed on the mother’s milk which damages his health.


Continuous hiccups

Digestive problems can increase the amount of digestive acids in the stomach of the baby. The acids increase the air content in the stomach. They also cause oesophagus muscular cramps with severe pain. Due to this muscle contraction babies have continuous hiccups. This prohibits them to feed which finally affects their health.


Difficulty in breathing

High acid content in the baby’s stomach causes blockage in the respiratory canal of the baby. This can develop breathing problems in the baby and can lead to asthma also. Moreover, continuous irritation in the air passage can cause coughing and even congestion. During day time, these conditions can be controlled because the baby keeps moving, but as the baby lies flat at night, these conditions get severe. Sometimes it may result in chocking of the nasal passage which can prove fatal for the baby.



Sometimes, the baby vomits whatever he eats. Due to his/her weak digestive system the baby cannot process the food leading to vomiting.

If a baby shows any of the above mentioned symptoms, he has a digestive problem and it requires proper medication and care for treatment. Baby’s digestive problem is a serious concern and it should be taken care of before it gets complicated.



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