Baby Care: Why Does a Newborn Baby Cry?

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May 05, 2011

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Newborn babies are possibly the most beautiful things that human beings have ever created. After having been nurtured in the cosy, safe, and comfortable arrangement of the mother’s womb for nine months, when a baby first breathes the air of the outside world, its first reaction is to cry out loudly. It is a sign of a healthy baby that it has cried out when it enters the world. Biologically too, it is a sign of a healthy baby because in the womb, the baby did not need to breathe, getting all the oxygen its body needed through the mother. But now, as soon as she becomes a separate individual, she must inhale her first rush of air and by crying, she opens out the air passages and learns in that instant to get her own oxygen from now on.


Crying is the only means of Communication for a Newborn baby


But after the initial protest at being thrown out into the world, a baby’s only means of communication with the outside world is by crying out to let the world know that she is experiencing discomfort. This discomfort could range from being in physical pain to being bored and from being in an uncomfortable position to needing to be held. Just as a smiling baby is a wonderful thing, its exact opposite is a baby that is crying.


A Baby is Hungry, Wet, Cold or Uncomfortable and hence they Cry


The baby could be wet and consequently cold and uncomfortable. So, the first thing to check when a baby is crying is to check the diaper and see that she isn’t wet. If that is not what is causing her to cry, it could be hunger. A hungry baby tends to do nothing but cry. Feeding the child can usually resolve the discomfort. Uncomfortable clothes, an uncomfortable bed, or even sheer boredom can cause a child to cry.


Carrying the child to a quieter place, playing with her, or just rocking her in your arms or over your shoulder can usually resolve the crying problem. And if all else fails, call the mother. A child recognises the touch of her mother, and loves being held by her. Another reason for the child to be crying is if she is in pain or needs to be burped. Colic is very common in newborn babies and it could be the reason for incessant crying. Medication or a quick call to the paediatrician could solve your problem.


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