Ayurvedic Treatment for Pneumonia

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Aug 25, 2011

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PneumoniaPneumonia refers to the viral infection that affects the lungs of a person.. In the initial stage, its symptoms are quite similar to influenza and common cold which more often leads to a wrong diagnosis. The symptoms include production of excess of mucous and phlegm with frequent coughing. It is a contagious condition. That is why it becomes very essential to provide the patient with immediate treatment and restoration.

Although numerous medicinal treatments are available for Pneumonia Ayurvedic treatment for Pneumoniais preferred one over others. The most important reason is that Ayurvedic remedy for Pneumonia has no side effects andis very effective.

Few ayurvedic remedies are lited below.

  • A highly effective and recommended Ayurvedic treatment for Pneumonia involves consumption of a mixture of the five medicinal herbs- Pipali, Stiopaladi, Punarnala, Chyvananprash and AbhrakBhasama. This restores the respiratory system to its normal working by cleansing the toxins.
  • Spices such as grated ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and jaggery along with herbs such as Triphala and Ashwaghanda when added to the food preparation give the same result. This herbal recipe is as potent as the above Ayurvedic treatment for Pneumonia
  • Three doses of Rasa Sindoor, ShringaBhasma, Narsar and Shirngrabhra in a day accompanied by ginger juice form a very successful herbal remedy for Pneumonia.
  • AshtadashangQuath, a rare herb, is an excellent remedy for combating the life-threatening condition when consumed 15ml every morning.
  • Boil a mixture in water made by adding five cloves, black pepper (1 gm) and edible soda (1 gm) for immediate relief.
  • When turmeric is added to lukewarm water and sprinkled over the chest of the patient with the help of a cloth heated on a hot brick, it stimulates the chest and reduces the effect of the disease. This is one of the oldest herbal remedy for Pneumonia.
  • A paste of garlic when rubbed on the patient’s chest can regulate or normalize his body temperature thus helping in restoring the patient to normal health.
  • Another Ayurvedic remedy for Pneumonia includesuse of Sesame seeds. It ensures quick recovery from Pneumonia.

Apart from these herbal remedies for Pneumonia, the patient needs to take some precautionary measures to ensure that the infection can be controlled within a short span. For instance, consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits ensure cleansing of toxins in the body. Food items such as sugars, rice and pulses must be strictly avoided as they produce phlegm in lungs. Healthy amount of exercise and Ayurvedic yoga is also advisable for quick recovery.


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