Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Blood Pressure

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Jul 25, 2011

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Low blood pressure or hypotension is a cause of worry for many individuals. Low blood pressure weakens the system and in most cases people resort to allopathic medicines which further weaken the immune system. Ayurveda on the other has no side effects and it is a treasure trove when it comes to the treatment of low blood pressure. Ayurvedic treatment for low blood pressure revolves not only on the use of remedies but on the ideal that a healthy body can never be the site of illness.


In ayurveda, low blood pressure is the result of the weakness of the digestive fire and it can affect people with any of the three doshas. For people with the vata constitution, low blood pressure is the result of poor circulation of blood. For the pitta type it is caused due to anaemic conditions and poorly affected functioning of the liver. Finally, for the kapha constitution, low blood pressure can happen when there is congestion and stagnation in the body which reduces the blood flow. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Blood Pressure

  • People who have a predominance of pitta in their constitution and complain of low blood pressure should include turmeric in their food so as to control blood pressure. They can also add turmeric to aloe vera gel and consume it.
  • People with vata dosha’s prevalence should add garlic to their diet to treat low blood pressure.
  • For the kapha dosha types, trikatu or cayenne powders act as effective treatment options for low blood pressure.
  • Ayurvedic choornas such as hinguvachadi choornam, vaiswanaram choornam, ashwagandha choornam and induppukanam choornam are effective for the treatment of low blood pressure.
  • Ayurveda also suggests that people suffering from low blood pressure should take Epsom salt baths. You can easily do that by dissolving about 2 to 4 cups of Epsom salt into hot water. Relax for about 20 minutes in the water to treat low blood pressure.
  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure
  • Beetroot juice is considered an excellent ayurvedic home remedy for low blood pressure. Drink one cup of the juice, twice a day for positive results.
  • One can also make an herbal tea using rosemary leaves, kola, ginseng, Indian spikenard and gentian. Boils the herbs together and then strain the mixture. Drink the tea once a day at least for controlling low blood pressure conditions.
  • Cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom are also excellent ayurvedic home remedies that are effective for low blood pressure. Include them in your daily diet.


Ayurvedic Recommendations for Low Blood Pressure

  • Ayurveda suggests the practice yoga asanas in order to treat low blood related conditions. Asanas such as pranayama, shava asana and sarvang asana should be practiced for results.
  • Modifications in the diet also help in case of low blood pressure. Include green leafy vegetables, milk, fish and eggs in your diet to enhance your immune system.  One should also reduce the intake of caffeine, artificial sweeteners and refined sugar in order to control low blood pressure.

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  • Arasu29 Mar 2013

    I have low blood pressure(90/60) and therefore feel tired while working on computer. I also feel very sleepy throughout the day. Please suggest medicines and tips to cure low blood pressure.

  • W N Kimbeng02 Jan 2013

    I have an implant of pace maker. And my aortic valve is reported after investigation to be heavily calcific. But no replacement is recommended by the Cardiologist. I am suffering from low blood pressure, 100/62 on average.Accompanied by headache, general weakens, blurred vision, tingling of the legs. Kindly help advise which medication i should take to remedy the situation. If I can buy and you mail to me in Cameroon. Advise cost for both. Thanks, anxiously waiting to hear from you. Regards

  • jayesh sinha16 Sep 2012

    i am suffering from dark spots in skin in legs and white patches in stomach kindly suggest cram and medicine which i should consume and also suffering from low blood pressure

  • VIJAYALAKSHMI B N05 Feb 2012

    I am a patient of low blood pressure, I want any modern ayurvedic medicines, if any, please mail relevant information, if any.

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