Treating Fistula By Ayurveda

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Jul 08, 2011

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  • Fistula is a deadly disease which occurs most commonly on the rectum.
  • Ayurvedic remedies for fistula are known to cure the disorder for good.
  • Fistula is knwon as Bhagandara in Ayurvedic practice.
  • The main reason for rise of this disease these days is the unhealthy lifestyle.

Fistula is a deadly disease which occurs most commonly on the rectum. A yellow liquid gets formed on the area which is very painful. Anal fistula is generally treated through surgery but it is known to recur after some time. You need to be very conscious of this fact when looking to get your condition treated. Ayurvedic remedies for fistula are known to cure the disorder for good. Several techniques and therapeutic procedures are available in Ayurveda that eliminate the problem from its root.




Bhagandara is the name by which fistula is known as in Ayurvedic practice. Three kinds of the disease are recognised with different treatments. One of the important therapies for curing fistula in Ayurveda is Kshar Sutra. This involves cutting up some tissues and these take time to heal. Before performing this procedure, several herbs are given to the patient such as Kadali Kshar, Apamarg Kshar, Nimb Kshar, Papaiya Ksheer and Snuhi Ksheer.

Although Ksheer Sutra is a slow process on the whole but it is getting global recognition gradually as a very effective treatment for fistula. The great advantage in undergoing this treatment is that the patient does not need to be admitted to a hospital. He can carry on with his regular everyday work without any trouble.




Another Ayurvedic treatment for fistula is known as Enema. In this treatment, hot bath is given to the patient suffering from it. Lower body parts are involved in this therapy. A few other types of fomentation is also recommended. The patient needs to be constantly checked for any signs of suffering for diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, TB or any other.

Agnikarma is another treatment for fistula in Ayurveda. This involves use of hot iron or caustic agent for destroying the affected tissues.

The main reason for rise of this disease these days is the unhealthy lifestyle which people have started to lead. It is expected that with Ayurvedic remedies for fistula treatment becoming popular, the lifestyle recommended by the holistic system of medicine will also gain ground.



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  • DYUTIMOY PAUL15 Apr 2013

    sir, my father is suffering from fistula from last 5years.we are totaly please say any thing and help us.

  • jatin28 Feb 2013

    I am suffering from fistula disease.I want to get this treated through Ayurveda treatment. Please advice some good hospitals or doctors in Delhi for fistula.

  • rafeek07 Jan 2013

    i am suffering from perianal fistula, since 6 months i want treatment, please suggest ayurvedic medicines thanking you

  • sugu31 Dec 2012

    hello sir, want to know home remedies for fistula bhagandara or ayur vedic medicines for this problem

  • Prateek 27 Sep 2012

    What are the symptoms of Fistula? Also, how it can be diagnosed?

  • Seema24 Sep 2012

    Ayurvedic treatment should be promoted and practiced more. Extensive Applications!

  • vivek23 Sep 2012

    fistula is cure by only khar sutra treatment .there is no othrt treat ment .

  • Shiv Ram08 Sep 2012

    Please advice some good hospital or doctor in Delhi for fistulla

  • sreedhar05 Sep 2012

    i suffer from fistula from 1 year but was small i did not mind but now suddnly the size is increased and painful also. please advise what ayurvedic medicine should i take for this. thank you for your advise

  • maulik shah09 Aug 2012

    i am suffering from fistula is the operation is the only option for it? is there any home cure for anal fistula?

  • ishwarumbai27 Jul 2012

    I am Ishwar, my fistula operated 2 year back but still i have problem currently i am taking homeopathy treatment if any one have result oriented treatment plz call me

  • Aloke Banerjee24 May 2012

    i am suffering fistula.already take allopathy medicine,but no result.then i consult ayurbed doctor,he pescribed some medicine like amroid,arashkalp bati,ashoghni bati,pilodine ect but stil i am not cure so kindly give me some advise how it will cure.

  • Ali10 May 2012

    For Fistula - If you are residing in hyderabad please visit Chatwal located at Hyderguda. opposite to hyderguda petrol pump near old mla quarters

  • vijayalakshmi29 Apr 2012

    my husband is suffering from multiple fistula for 4 years. we live in hyderabad. can you suggest a treatment.patients who have recocered please advice us

  • praveen14 Feb 2012

    my problem please parmanent cura madecnes in ayurvedha so pleade provide me.

  • subhash sakpal16 Nov 2011

    i sufferd from multiple fistula and abcsses and fisher wht is auervedic medicine for permanat cuar