Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer

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May 27, 2011

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Ayurvedic theory considers that all diseases and other health problems are caused due to imbalances in the body's elemental forces and disharmony with the natural environment. The primary aim of ayurvedic treatment is to re-establish this balance and strengthen the body's biological and spiritual forces. Practitioners of Ayurveda combine a number of approaches, such as changes in lifestyle, herbal remedies, exercise, and meditation for treatment of any ailment.


Advance in modern medicine is yet to discover effective remedies for most of the deadly cancers. Current allopathic medications do not cure the disease and generally reduce the immediate complications associated with cancer or slow down the proliferation of cancer. Besides this toxicity of the drugs, chemotherapy, ablative surgery, and radiation make the condition worse.


How does Ayurveda help: Ayurveda treatment can perhaps help to prevent and treat certain types of cancer, including breast, lung, and colon cancer.

  • Ayurvedic remedies can be helpful for prophylactic, palliative, curative and supportive treatment of cancer.
  • The pain and complications of cancer and its treatment can be ameliorated by making use of Ayurvedic principles. Ayurvedic medicines can help to minimize the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Ayurvedic treatment for cancer can be used an adjuvant or a co-therapy along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy and even for post-surgery care. The Ayurvedic medicines can reduce the therapeutic dose of the various chemotherapeutic drugs
  • In patients in whom chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery is contra-indicated, Ayurvedic medicines can slow the progress of cancer.
  • Ayurvedic medicines can comfort and improve the quality of life of people with cancer.

Caution with ayurveda: The Ayurvedic medicines are mostly not thoroughly tested for efficacy in cancer. These medications can interact with medicines, foods, or dietary supplements that can be possibly detrimental. You should not rely on this type of treatment alone and delay or avoid conventional medical care for cancer. It can have adverse health consequences. Some of the herbal remedies can have contamination with lead, mercury, and arsenic. Inform your allopathic physician if you are using ayurvedic remedies for treatment of cancer or its complications.



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