Ayurvedic treatment for sex problems and better sex life

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Sep 22, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Ayurvedic remedies usually are a combination of various herbs.
  • 'Vajikarma Aushadhis' or aphordisiacs are used to treat sex issues.
  • Regular exercise and yoga are also a part of ayurvedic treatment.
  • Other measures include avoidance of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Ayurvedic remedies have been used for treatment in India for over 5000 years. Ayurvedic treatment for sex problem are commonly used to treat problems such as

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Impotence
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of libido


Ayurvedic remedies usually are a combination of various herbs which are known to promote sexual health and general well being of the person.


Ayurveda For Sex Problems


Ayurveda for impotence

Impotence in males is comparable to frigidity in females. Some of the symptoms of impotency are inability to perform sex act, or else incomplete performance or failure to reach orgasm while performing sexual act.

Ayurvedic Medicines that are used for treatment to enhance libido/sex desire are known as 'Vajikarma Aushadhis' or aphordisiacs.

Ayurvedic medicines: Vanari Gutika, Madanananda Modak, Veerya starnbha Vati, Makardhwaja, chandrodaya Rasa, Apatyakar Swaras, Shukra Vallabh Rasa, Kameshwar Modak, Gokhru Pak, Chhoohara hak, Moosali Pak, Badam Pak, Kamadeva chooran, Gokhshurad Chooran, Narsigha Choorna, Madan Prakash chooran, Shatvaryadi choorna, Mritsanjeevani Sura etc are beneficial in impotence.

Diet Plans: Eat a healthy diet which includes high protein content, eggs, fish ghee, butter, soyabean, green vegetables, fruits, almond and other dry fruits.

Other useful measures include avoidance of smoking and alcohol consumption, limit the amount of fat and cholesterol in your diet and do regular physical exercise.



Ayurveda for loss of libido

Hectic life style, stress, tension and fatigue are the prime cause for lack of libido and unsatisfactory sexual performance at the present time. Avoid alcohol, smoking and drug addiction, reduce weight, do regular exercise and yoga.

Get sufficient rest and sleep, reduce stress levels with relaxation techniques and yoga.

Caution: Several herbal remedies are available for ayurvedic treatment for sex problems. But before taking any of these medicines an Ayurvedic physician must be consulted with regard to dosage, duration, safeguards dietary supplements and the necessary prescription that is Required before taking any of these ayurvedic medicines to treat sexual problems.


Ayurveda For Sex Problems

Ayurveda for premature ejaculation

This is the most common type of sexual problem men encounter in their lives. As it cut shorts the duration of the act, premature ejaculation can wreck havoc on your love life. However, there are many ayurvedic medicines for sex that can come to your rescue.



Sexual deficiency

The cause of this problem is psychological. But, it is also important to check the pathological causes as well. Even after taking ayurvedic medicine for sex, one needs to re-gain self confidence. The herbal treatments available for this problem include Shilajeet, Vita-ex Gold Plus and Vita-ex massage oil.




The infertility is usually caused due to a sperm count which falls below the fertility level. People who suffer from oligospermia usually have a large number of sperms non-motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities. However, as a part of ayurvedic treatment for sex you can use these herbal medicines. Shilajeet, Dhatupaustic Churna and Ashwagandharishta.



Ayurveda for sex problems has been looked up to by many people especially in problems like spermatorrhoea. This is a condition in which there is an involuntary discharge of semen without having an orgasm. This can lead to distress in many patients and can lead to psychosomatic complaints as it hinders concentration, causes headaches, excessive sweating and giddiness. It usually occurs during sleep. The herbal remedies available for this problem include Mehamudgar Bati, Swapnadoshhari Bati and Chandraprabha Bati.

Sexual weakness in elder people

The hectic lifestyle makes people age much faster and decreases the desire for sexual intercourse. This can lead to a stressed sex life and the couple may experience dissatisfaction. However, there are certain herbal remedies available to fight this problem like, Vita Ex Gold plus, Stress Guard, Sri Gopa Taila and Musli pak.



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  • shiv03 Sep 2015

    i would like to meet doctor related to my sexual problems ..give me contact details and address

  • prashant09 Mar 2013

    Hi There, I am not sure whats wrong with me, I am 28 now and was doing masturbation from last 10 years, I knew it will affect me. Now I am getting signs of weakness. I need someone from Ayurveda field and trusted to assist about it, to get rid from It.

  • SANJOO03 Mar 2013

    could you please give me the AYURVEDIC MEDICINE'S list & quantity for IMPOTENCE??

  • Ramesh12 Feb 2013

    sir,meri age 44 hai or married hue do bacha bhi hai par ab muje sex me problem aa rahi hai mera penis khada hi nahi hota or sex karne ko man bahut hota hai so pls koi medicene batae

  • vijay05 Feb 2013

    sir,meri age 31 hai or married hue ek bacha bhi hai par ab muje sex me problem aa rahi hai mera penis khada hi nahi hota or sex karne ko man bhi nahi karta pls koi medicene batae or kya me thik ho jaunga

  • Alok Kumar10 Jan 2013

    Dear Doctor,I am 40 years old suffering from premature ejaculation,smaller size and less hardness of penis,less sperm( like liquid),vigor for sex and long lasting sex duration.I do have desire for sex but can not perform successfully. Help me.

  • ravi31 Dec 2012

    i am using enthucia 50 when having sex every time.How will my body react?I am 45 years old

  • pankaj10 Dec 2012

    hi i am pankaj and suffering from premature ejaculation problem. my disharge timming is very less and sperms are also very less please guide me

  • manish06 Dec 2012

    i have been masturbating for 15 year ,now penis size became so small ,and it is not illusion it is realty but all the andrologist declared me mad , but it is realty ,my age is 32 , i am still unmarried and so sad many time tried to do sucide , i dont want long penis , but i want my privious penis ,now it became so small ,and it is useless ..plz suggest...

  • Bishnu Vyas04 Dec 2012

    I am 46 Yrs old and have two kids.My Problem is My sexual desire going very low day by day.My penis is also very small, during intercourse I fall very early, Please note that My penis has been covered with skin You are requested to suggest medicine for the said Problem at your earliest.

  • Sagar 20 Nov 2012

    iam Sagar, im 32 year old i hav quick fall problem, plz suggest me ayurvedic medicine and how to take. also size and power problem.

  • pk20 Nov 2012

    i m pk my age is 25yrs nd i used to start hand pratice from my child hood so now i faced problems like i can't get erection and even if i do i suffer ffrom premature ejaculation. Plz suggest me the medicinee and plz also plz tell me how much time take to overcome these problems

  • iqbal Singh19 Nov 2012

    I am 26 years old and have been masturbating since the age of 16. I have noticed that my sexual prowess has decreased and so has my penis size. Earlier when I used to see beautiful women I used to get erection but now it rarely happens. Please help me. I am not married yet.

  • shameer13 Oct 2012

    Low time...

  • Ankit02 Oct 2012

    Hi Sir, I am a man aged 30 , I have a ealry erection problem and now i can realize it. Is their any herbal medicine without any side effect which cure this problem. Also i don't want to go for a longer medicinal course so request you to advise me the medicine which can cure in 5-6 dosase only. I will be always gratefull for you kind support. Regards AK

  • dolly27 Sep 2012

    iam dolly, im 29 year old i hav quick fall problem, plz suggest me ayurvedic medicine and how to take

  • M A Khanna26 Sep 2012

    I m 50, a type2 diabetic from 22yrs taking insulin from 11 yrs.+ moderate BP and Lipid problem. Now since few years facing early fall, no tension and decreasing in size of penis type of problems though feeling sex requirement is normal but due to premature ejection and erectile dysfunction as also due to small penis me and my wife never gets satisfied. kindly help me out

  • Rahul25 Sep 2012

    Sir Mera Night main pesab bahut ata hain but sugar nahi hain aur mera sex kerne ka men karta hain but paisab aa jata hain aur jaldi sai nikal jata hain main sex sahi sai nahi ker pata aur apne apko gilani hoti hain plz iska upaye bataye mere age 32 Year hain aisa ayurvedi upcar batye jise main sex aur paisab ki problum jald dur ho jaye aur mera jivan thik hoo jayeeeeeee

  • rahul21 Sep 2012

    mera age 21 hai aur mai 5 year se ek din mai teen baar karta hu aur ab mera sperm turan gir jata hai please advice me early

  • Rahil20 Sep 2012

    i am 37 year old married with 2 kids but i have been facing this problem of premature ejaculation since the time of my marriage. kindly advise

  • DHEERAJ25 Aug 2012


  • Dr. Navneet20 Aug 2012

    I m Dr Navneet sharma i want to make a sex wing in my hospital so u have any sugestion send me ur products or another thinks sample which is beneficial for my hospital

  • avijit banik19 Aug 2012

    I am a man of age 37 and is also diabetic , and face a problem of early ejaculation / quick ejaculation , the moment i get erection i quickly ejaculate.

  • Sameer Nehru 17 Aug 2012

    How much time ayurvedic treatment requires to cure low libido and other sex problems?

  • Raja Singh10 Aug 2012

    During sex I fall down just intercourse,please suggest me Medicine for long time sexual period, I am 50 years old.

  • yogesh27 Jul 2012

    sir please answer me my question sir meri umar 19 sal hai

  • rahul12 May 2012

    meri age 22 h. muje bachpn se hand pracice ki adat lg gyi thi. ab m sex ki kami or vireye bhot pani jesa ho gya h. nightfall b hota h. sex krta hu to jldi vireye nikal jata h. plz koi ayurvedic treatment bta do. plz email me..

  • suresh kumar06 May 2012

    I am man of 42 years. i have headache , thies pain, legs pains after the sex. pls. tell me though mail.

  • atanu27 Mar 2012

    i m a man my age 30 and also my problem is quickfall in few seconds and small 4" penis,can i improve my penis size andsex time upto 10-15 min plz suggest me ayurvedic medicine name through mail

  • somashekar29 Jan 2012

    I am man of 41 also diabetic problem of early ejjjaculation somashekar

  • Goldy20 Jan 2012

    Hi i Goldy, 27 yrs, suffering from premature ejaculation problem, Discharging time 30-40 Sec, plz suggest any ayurvedic remedy to cure.

  • rahul18 Jan 2012

    hello i am rahul and i am suffering from premature ejaculation problem when ever i watched porn or nude pics , some jelly water comes out from my penis, even if i am not mastributing. also my disharge time is very weak its just within 30s . plz help

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