Are You Using Your Shampoo the Right Way?

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Mar 23, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • If plenty of hair strands come off, don't shampoo every day.
  • Wash every other day if your hair is normal.
  • If you have oily hair, wash your hair every day.
  • Wash every few days if your hair is on the dry side.

Shampooing is not just about washing and rinsing! There is more to it. You need to know a few things to wash your hair the right way and not make washing your hair complicated.


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You may have heard a lot about the variety of shampoo formulas that can take a toll on your hair's health, how often you should shampoo or other things related to hair washing. Here’s how to tell you are shampooing wrong and what you need to do right.


Shampooing vs. Over-shampooing

There's no harm in washing your hair every day, but you shouldn’t do it every day if there is substantial hair breakage. If you have a really fine hair and keep greasiness away, you need to shampoo but not every day. Over-washing your hair can leave you with a greasy scalp, too!


How often should you Shampoo

If you have oily hair, wash it every day. Wash every other day if your hair is normal. Wash every few days if your hair is on the dry side. You should wash every other day with shampoo or use dry shampoo when you wash your hair every day. If you have curls, they can tend to look dry very easily (particularly when you're colouring them). For those with coloured curly hair, it is advised to shampoo only twice a week.


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Brush Your Hair before You Shower

If you don’t have the habit of brushing your hair before you take the shower, get into this habit. Brushing your hair before you shower can make a difference, making your hair soft and smooth.


The Dilemma of Cold and Warm Water

Cold water might not reach the cuticle of your hair. So, you can use warm water in the beginning; it allows the hair to really open up and shampoo gets in clean. End with cold water to wash the cuticles of your hair. Start out with warm water and end with cold water. Also, make sure that water is not so hot.


shampooing tips


Conditioner on Your Scalp

Scalp actually produces a lot of natural oil and conditioner, which can make your scalp greasy. When you condition your hair, apply the conditioner from middle of your hair to the tip and not the other way.


How Long to Condition your Hair

Beauty experts advise to leave conditioner in the scalp for a minimum of 2 minutes. The conditioner takes a little time to lock in the moisture.



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