Are you using the right weight for every exercise?

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Jun 02, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Find the rep range that is most ideal for your goal.
  • Figure out your ‘ideal weight’ range.
  • The next step is adjusting the weight.
  • Gradually, increase the weight by a smallest increment.

It is quite difficult to figure out how much weight to lift when you are just getting started lifting. Besides focusing on the muscle groups you will train, exercises you choose and reps to do in a strength-training program, you must also know how much weight to lift for each exercise.


right weights for lifting


How much weight should you lift?

It is one of the most common questions among beginners. Often, they can’t figure out what weight will be too heavy or how much will be too light. So, here is a quick guide.

Step 1: How many reps you should be doing

Based on your weight training program, find the rep range that is most ideal for your goal. You must decide on the number of reps per set for your specific goal.

Step 2: Know your ‘ideal weight’ range

The next step is figuring out how much weight you should lift for each exercise. Remember that your goal is to do the reps decided without much strain and keep form intact. The weight must be light enough that you can actually get to reps and sets without having to lose form.

Step 3: Make the adjustment

After knowing your ‘ideal weight’ and the number of reps you should be doing for a set, get started. Pick up a weight. Based on how it feels, make the adjustments. You can also purposely start with a little too light weight and slowly increase it to reach a weight you feel is right for the rep range you are aiming.


lifting weights


The next step

Over a period of time, you must increase the weight when it begins to feel lighter. Progression is the key to build muscle and get stronger. It is better to increase weight by the smallest increment, though you can increase your number of reps too.




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  • Aakash06 Aug 2015

    A quick and useful guide to muscle building!

  • Rakitic02 Jun 2015

    More than the form, the 'right weight' matters. Make sure you are lifting it right.

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