Are you a Selfish Lover?

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Mar 01, 2013

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Are you a Selfish Lover

Success of any relationship depends on balancing expectations. It often happens in relationships that one person keeps on giving while the other keeps on taking, this results in an unfulfilling relationship. A selfish lover only focuses on fulfilling their own needs and desires. This ‘all-about-me-attitude” can severely affect your relationship in the long run, especially if its presence is felt in the bedroom. If any of the below mentioned factors describe you then it’s time to bring some positive changes in your sex life.


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How often do you initiate sex?


Irrespective of your personality traits be it reserved or just lazy, don’t expect your partner to always make the first move. Women mostly expect their men to initiate sex but making the first move once in a while will show your love and also interest in keeping your sex life alive and kicking. It will give him the message that he is desirable.


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Want your partner to do all the work?

If is unfair to expect all the moves from your partner. A little cooperation from both the partner increases intimacy and takes the whole experience to another level.  Encourage your partner and he/she will please you even more. And, who knows they'll make those moves that will bowl you over.


Do you make extra effort to please your partner?

If no, then start doing it now. By being unenthusiastic in pleasing your partner, you can hurt his/her feelings. Don’t make your partner feel that you are a self-obsessed bed buddy.

For a healthy relationship both the partners must have equal ‘say’ and sexual relation is not an exception to it. You must be attentive to your partner’s suggestions and try them if you like to do it. But make sure that they aren’t harmful to either of you. 


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Do you only put an effort if it benefits you?

If this is the case with you then you are definitely a selfish lover. Don’t feel that you deserve all the attention. Such attitude can be turn-off for your partner.

Don’t expect all the moves to be solely for you, sex is more fun when it is ‘unselfish’.


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