Are you Addicted to Disappointing Relationships?

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Aug 06, 2012

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Are you Addicted to Disappointing Relationships

Have you always found yourself in the wrong relationship one after another? It has been said and believed that human beings tend to gravitate towards what they know best. Therefore, people, who have been exposed to relationships that never worked sooner or later, are likely to dwell in the same situation later in their life. The disappointing relationship pattern may also stem from an experience of having had a damaging relationship with parents, poor self-esteem or past abusive romantic relationships. Take a look at these tips to get to the root of the problem and craft a holistic one that will never disappoint you.


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Nail the Pattern down!

When you are emotionally preoccupied in your relationship, there is a decent chance that you may acknowledge or identify that you are repeating mistakes made in the past. If you have no idea whether you are repeating your problems or not, look out for these hints.

  • Your relationships do not last long.
  • You have problem keeping long-term and sustaining relationships.
  • You feel unhappy or dissatisfied when you are in a relationship.
  • You think you are misunderstood and/or unloved in most of your relationships.
  • You long for relationships that are fulfilling, but think that you will never be able to enjoy one yourself.

If you admit that you do not find yourself in unfulfilling relationships will help you break the cycle and find someone, who will make you feel better about yourself.


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Break the Pattern

This may take a while and lot of motivation. If you think that you still can’t break the cycle of disappointing relationships, it is perhaps time for some introspection. Seek professional help to resolve any psychological issues that you may be going through, according to experts, negative relational patterns are complicated because of the likelihood of underlying problems that may seem non-existent, but do exist. Upon the identification of any underlying psychological problems, the doctor may make you undergo therapy to resolve it. The therapist may also help you in taking active efforts in adopting as well as implementing productive behaviour patterns while monitoring the process to help you cherish a relationship as you have always wanted.


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While analysing the pattern, also look into why the relationships don’t work out. Find out what your partner/s kept complaining about or what the reason was for the breakup. If you think there is some similarity in the reasons why you had to go through break ups, try to change them if you can.


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