Antibiotics given to babies could make them obese

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Dec 27, 2012

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If babies are given antibiotics before they are six months old, it can make them overweight by the time they are three. This was found by a British study involving 11000 children. It was found that the kids who were administered these drugs before they were six months old had higher BMI compared to those who did not get any drugs.

These kids were found to be 22 per cent more likely to become overweight as they approached their third birthday. Compared to this, the babies who were given the antibiotics after they crossed six months of their life, but before they were 14 months old, did not have a very high body mass. Compared to those who did not receive any drugs in this period, the body mass of these babies was not significantly high.

According to professor Leonardo Trasande of New York University, the microbes present in our intestines are critical to our abilities to develop the ability to absorb and digest calories. The antibiotics given to kids at such an early age kills of many such healthy bacteria that would have helped the babies remain lean.

Transande added that the study is not conclusive that antibiotics would lead to overweight children and called for more research in this line.



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