An Oxygen-Emitting Pillow that Fights Germs

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Apr 08, 2013

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An Oxygen emitting Pillow that Fights Germs

Researchers have designed a unique oxygen-emitting cellular pillow that could help people sleep well by filtering out air toxins and helping them breathe easier while sleeping.

Research student Qing Ji, from the JiLin Animation Institute in China, has submitted a concept for a design competition for students.

The cellular pillow is a greenand-white casual pillow that provides not only comfort, but safety from harmful germs, TechNews-Daily reported on Sunday.

The pillow’s design is made up of aloe cells, which are used to absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen in its place, helping people who are leaning on it to breathe easier.

The cells can also eliminate harmful bacteria and any harmful gases around the sleeping person, the report said. Ji claims that the pillow will create an experience as similar as sleeping in the forest, breathing in the fresh air and helping people get an overall better night’s sleep. The design is one of the 100 concepts an electronic product maker chose from more than 1,700 submissions in its competition.



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