An HIV Jab that can Halt its Growth

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Jan 04, 2013

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An HIV Jab that can Halt its Growth

A team of Spanish scientists have developed a vaccine that can temporarily halt the growth of HIV in infected individuals. The vaccine is based on immune cells exposed to the HI virus that have been inactivated with the help of heat. The vaccine was used in a group of 36 infected people and the results were found to be favourable.

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By way of the vaccine, the team of scientists gave instruction to the immune system to learn to destroy the lethal virus. The immune system under natural circumstances is not equipped to do so and therefore, needs an external force.

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The results showed that a shot of the therapeutic vaccine was safe and led to a dramatic drop in the amount of HIV in some patients. It was observed that after 12 weeks of trial, the HIV viral load dropped by 90% in 12 of the 22 patients.


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