An Apple a Day Sends you to a Dentist

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Oct 14, 2011

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An Apple a Day Sends you to a DentistEating apple on daily basis can damage your teeth, according to a new study from King’s College London Dental Institute.

You must have grown listening to the fact that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. But the researchers now believe that this fruit can damage your teeth and force you to visit a dentist. Researchers found out that eating apple on regular basis significantly increase risk of dental problems .i.e. up to four times than that of the carbonated drinks.

Wine and lager contributes to dental damage. However, pickled onions and grapefruits (that are consumed less frequently) are found to be safe.

It is more about how you eat rather that what you eat, said Dr David Bartlett, who led the study. He further mentioned that apple is known for its health benefits but if you eat them slowly then their high acidic level adversely affect your teeth.

Experts are of view that brushing teeth immediately after eating apple can increase the harm. This is because enamel gets softened by the acid attack and is more likely to get scrubbed away by toothbrush. According to the British Dental Association, safest approach to eat apples is to have them in your mealtimes and immediately rinse mouth with fresh water.

In this study researchers studied tooth damage of 2mm surface enamel and dentine (supporting structure of tooth) and compared it with the diet of the subjects. Results revealed that people who frequently ate apples were at 3.7 time higher risk of dentine damage.

In addition fruit juices increases enamel damage up to four times and lager was found to raise dentine damage up to threefold.


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