After effects of Chikungunya Fever

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Mar 18, 2011

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Chikungunya causes high fever for 8 days but its complications do not end after that. The Chikungunya virus itself is not the cause of problems but the complications arising from the weakened immune system are the real cause of its after effects problems. Hardly any case has been reported of death caused by the virus itself. Since it has an adverse impact on the body’s resistance to fight disease, the underlying medical condition of the patient is aggravated.

Some chikunguniya symptoms that do not subside with fever are –

  • Acute pain throughout the body
  • Sharp pain in the joints with swelling
  • Severe headache
  • Rashes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Loss of taste

Chikungunya has serious impact on elderly people whose immune system is already weak. Contracting chikungunya can lead to worsening of any of their medical condition and may also lead to paralysis, kidney disorders or mental deterioration.

Complications of chikungunya, whether during the infection or after, need to be controlled in a patient. Chikungunya after effects can last for few weeks. Lots of rest and easily digestible food that builds up immunity is the way to treat a patient in this condition.

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  • Wahyu09 Jan 2013

    I was suspected to be infected by Cikungunya virus. My question is, how long the virus in my body be lasted/become inactive? Thank you so much for he inormation.

  • Bob17 May 2012

    I am 70. Contacted Chikungunia 2 years ago. No more pain symptoms now but doctor suggests that swelling in ankles is a consequence of this trying to rule out other possible causes.

  • Judith06 May 2012

    I contracted chikukunya last January 2012, still have aches and pains in my hands and toes. I'm also loosing a lot of hair when I brush. Amazing what mosquito can do. I also still have difficulty getting up when I sit on the floor.

  • monique wherry24 Apr 2012

    My daughter is in the Peace Corp and has contracted this virus. Can you shed any light on this virus for me. She does not ant to come home and has about 4 more months of her service.

  • Vivek Deshpande02 Apr 2012

    I had Chikungunya 6 years back, but I am getting rashes like swelling of tongue, hand/palms, lips, mouth etc. even after six years. The reaction occur es during February to April/May every year.Can any one suggest me remedy.

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