Active Parents raise Active Kids

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Aug 01, 2012

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Active Parents raise Active Kids

If you are a parent and want your kids to be active when they grow up, become more active yourself, suggests a new study, which is the first intervention-based study to demonstrate that when parents increase their activity, the children increase theirs as well. Researchers from the National Jewish Health, through their study, found that when parents increase the number of activities they participate in everyday as measured with the help of a pedometer, their children also increased theirs.


Kristen Holm, assistant professor, Medicine at National Jewish Health said that the fact that parent child activity is correlated has been known since long. The effect of this correlation was more pronounced on weekends than on other days. To do the study, the researchers had 83 families to enrol in a family based intervention designed to prevent obesity or excess weight gain among obese and overweight children aged between 7 and 14. Parents as well as kids were encouraged to increase the amount of physical activity by walking 2,000 steps per day. It was observed that on days the mother exceeded or reached the 2000 steps goal, the children also took an average of 2,117 additional steps. When the mothers took fewer steps or did not reach the 2000 steps goal, the children took only 1,175 steps. The father-child activity was also found to have a similar pattern.

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