Acne: A Problem for Tweens and Younger Kids Too

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Jun 20, 2013

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A boy popping pimpleAcne isn’t just a teen issue anymore but is affecting greater numbers of tweens and even kids reaching down into the single digits. Most newbie acne is blackheads and whiteheads. For girls, it usually starts on the forehead, for boys it’s in the peach-fuzzy sideburn areas.

For these non-inflammatory kids and tweens, health experts have recommended a topical product containing exfoliating ingredients such as retinols or salicylic acid, along with regularly scheduled cleansing facials.

Earlier, multiple studies including those published by the American Academy of Paediatrics have acknowledged that puberty is occurring at younger ages than ever before and it’s happening in both boys and girls. Most researchers conclude that hormones and antibiotics in our food (from non-organic meat and dairy sources) along with skyrocketing childhood obesity rates are the primary culprits. Unfortunately, once puberty starts, there is no turning back.



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