A major cause of eye infection is air pollution, say doctors

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Oct 12, 2015

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Doctors have reported that air pollution is emerging as a very common reason for rise in eye allergies and conjunctivitis in people of all age groups. The situation has reached alarming levels because if eye allergies and conjunctivitis are not treated in time, they can develop into cornea problems, thereby affecting the vision.

eye infections

Kamal B. Kapur, ophthalmologist at city-based Sharp Sight Centre said that most age groups are being affected by air pollution and a major part of the population of patients are young children, senior citizens and middle aged men and women. Air pollution can affect the eyes so much that they can cause irritation, redness and watery eyes.

Kapur further added that that major reason why people developed allergic conjunctivitis was because of contact with pollen or mold spores and/or chemical substances in the air. High pollutant levels in the air, such as nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen nitrogen dioxide can make the eyes’ tear film more acidic.

Tears are a mixture of fatty oil, water, proteins and bacteria-fighting substances that help keep the eyes lubricated.

Samir Sud has suggested ways to prevent eye allergies, which include:-
•    Not rubbing eyes directly even if fine particles enter.
•    Washing eyes with water in case of irritation.
•    Applying cool compress in case of inflammation.
•    See an eye doctor if the eye problem does not subside.

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