A Local with an American Accent? You could have this Disorder

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May 21, 2015

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If you have been a local all your life, but have a mysterious foreign accent that cannot be traced, you are officially suffering from a disorder. Very few would deny giggling softly at their colleague’s on-again-off-again American accent and apparently, it is more than just idiosyncrasy.  It could be a disorder called foreign accent syndrome.

Foreign accent syndrome

Someone who acquires this speech disorder tends to suddenly pick a foreign accent and thereby lose the distinctive characteristics of their native language. It is an unusual condition that may be genetically transferred or be caused as a result of trauma or migraine. While a syndrome could be hereditary, caused by an injury or psychological, one may also blame the obsessive digital culture as well as sedentary lifestyle.

Psychiatrists also opine that technology can cause disorders to adolescents just as much as they can alter behavioral patterns in adults. Gadget obsession, when accompanied by anxiety and depression may alter a person’s concentration levels as well as overall performance.

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