6 Things people with Hepatitis C wish you knew

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May 28, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Hepatitis C is a serious health condition.
  • The liver disease is caused by the hepatitis C virus.
  • It can cause both acute and chronic hepatitis C infection.
  • Awareness can help prevent hepatitis C from spreading.

Hepatitis C is a serious health condition. The liver disease, caused by the hepatitis C virus, can cause both acute and chronic hepatitis infection. Severity of the condition can range from mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 130–150 million people globally have chronic hepatitis C infection.


Hepatitis C


It’s a serious disease

It is not a mild illness you can get rid of without any proactive approach. If ignored and overlooked, the illness can progress over time to have dire consequences such as liver damage and liver cancer.


You may not know that you have it

Hepatitis C doesn’t get picked by regular blood tests or health exams. You are also at risk of the condition if you received donated blood or organs or used blood products like those used to treat haemophilia. Injection drugs also put you at increased risk for hepatitis C.


Awareness can help prevent it from spreading

If you are donating blood, you have to be careful. Get yourself tested and if you are positive, don’t share anything that might have even traces of blood on it, like razors or toothbrushe.


You are not at fault if you have it

Hepatitis C is passed along by contact with infected blood, which can happen in a healthcare setting with an accidental needle stick and is not always the case of illicit drug sharing.


Facts Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C has a cure

Hepatitis C is treatable. Your chances of successful treatment are high if it can be detected early. Medicinal drugs to treat hepatitis C can help treat the problem.

Hepatitis C patients need help and support

People with hepatitis C need help and support. The illness can make anyone feel miserable, depressed and devastated. If you know someone with the condition, you can be of great help by just being there. Sometimes all they need is someone who cares and listens to them.  Educate yourself about the virus so you can understand what they go through.



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