5 Weird (but common) Allergies

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Mar 21, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Some people are allergic to water and can develop hives on contact.
  • Some people can develop hives on being exposed to the sun.
  • It can get difficult for women with semen allergy to conceive.
  • Eating before exercising can cause allergy in some.

When you finally wear that tempting pair of leather boots that you had been saving up for months and on the first day of talking the air in it, you return home, undress them and can’t use your hands for anything but to itch all over, your worst nightmare has come true: leather allergy.

allergy types

We have all heard about pollen allergy, food allergy, mold allergy and so on, but rarely given other odd allergies that coexist the attention they deserve. So, here is a listing of 5 weird allergies that are a lot more common than you think.


Leather allergy

Leather allergy

The leather accessories out there aren’t only leather. They are a host of chemicals as well that are used during the tanning process. This type of allergy is referred to as contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis refers to a name for any type of allergy that occurs when the skin comes in contact with the irritants. It usually develops a rashy reaction. If you develop rashes from wearing leather shoes, you may wear socks or wear a replica of the shoes in another fabric. The rash usually clears in a few days and you may be able to treat it with antihistamines.


Exercise allergy

Exercise allergy

If allergy to exercise is minor, it will only cause urticaria or hives, but if it is severe in nature, it can lead to anaphylaxis, a medical condition in which the level of blood sugar drops all of a sudden, causing one to breathe with difficulty. There are two types of allergies to exercise: one is the kind that starts after eating and working out within 2 hours and the other that develops when you do not eat before exercise. If yours is the former kind, try not eating before exercising. If that does not help, stop exercising.


Water allergy

Water allergy

This type of allergy is not so common as others. While some of us like to hit the pool during hot summer days, some people cannot help it but be mere watchers. In some people, exposing their body to water can cause hives or urticaria, red, itchy patches and wheals on the skin. The hives as well as itching tend to go away after about 15 to 30 minutes. Antihistamines can help in relieving the allergy.


Semen allergy

semen allergy

This type of allergy can be problematic to a woman willing to conceive. But, it is extremely rare, so women can still have a lot to hope for. Some of the symptoms of semen allergy include swelling and hives in the vaginal area after sexual intercourse. To make a diagnosis, the doctor will have to do a skin test. The best treatment that exists for semen allergy is using a condom. Those women who want to conceive despite having semen allergy can get allergy shots or go for artificial insemination.

Solar allergy

Solar allergy

Some people develop hives marked by severe stinging and itching when they expose their body to the sun without using proper shade or protection. The hives can easily be treated with the help of antihistamines and by avoiding the sun. Sun allergy is fortunately, quite rare and when it happens, the hives appear within 30 minutes of the exposure and clear up within a few minutes of getting out of the sun. Antihistamines can relieve the reaction, but not necessarily prevent it.


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