5 Things You Should Know to Reduce Forehead Lines or Wrinkles

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Feb 24, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Drink water to cleanse your body.
  • Apply a good makeup primer.
  • Wear bangs to hide fine lines.
  • Apply surgical tapes to train your muscles.

Wrinkles or fine lines on forehead can make your face look worn-out and tired. Their occurrence with age is normal. However, if they start occurring before time they can leave you worried about your looks. So, here are some easy and effective tricks that will help you reduce the impact of fine lines on your face.

Remedies for Wrinkles on Forehead

H2O is the Key

Drink water and drink lots of it. Skin is among the parts of your body which are highly benefitted with high consumption of water. Dehydration can cause dry skin making it prone to wrinkling. So, grab a glass of water while you go through the following tips.

Makeup Primer

Picking up the right primer for your face can work like a magic wand for your face. It hides the fine lines by covering them and prevents the makeup from settling in the furrows of the forehead lines.

Get Bangs

One of the best ways to hide wrinkles or forehead lines is to wear bangs. Make a low side part above your pupil. Don’t commit the mistake of making a center part because this will attract more attention to your forehead.

Remedies for Wrinkles on Forehead

Apply Facial patch

Use a facial patch or surgical tape across the forehead or between the eyes during night time. The bandage will help you hold your skin in its unwrinkled position and give training to the muscles of the skin to stop sagging.

Put Line-plumping Creams to Use

Apply moisturizer which has retinol or peptides because retinoids stimulate collagen which fills the creases and enhances skin. Use this cream during day and night.

The beans have been spilled. The secret is out. So, don’t waste more time and get on with the job.

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