5 Foods for a Brighter Smile

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Feb 09, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Chewing carrots produces more saliva.
  • Cauliflower produces enamel-protecting saliva.
  • Cheese provides calcium and phosphorus.
  • Enamel-building phosphorus can be found in salmon.

Can your diet have an effect on your smile? Well, yes. The piece of cake you just had might bring you a smile on your face but it will no longer be a beautiful one. Each time you have a feast by eating a sugar-loaded doughnut, the bacteria inside your mouth also celebrate. The bacteria love to feed on the sugar which leads to fermenting of the sweet stuff into acid that eats the enamel of your tooth. Hence, your teeth become discoloured and cavities occur.

Whiter Teeth Foods

But, you can relax. The good news is that instead of rubbing off the sugar from your teeth after every bite, there are a number of foods that can help you get back your shiny white smile. Check them out here.


The crunchiness in the carrots forces you to chew more than you usually do in sifter foods. When you chew more, the production of saliva gets stimulated which can neutralize the acids and enzymes present inside the mouth.


Just like carrots, cauliflower can also produce the enamel-protecting saliva when eaten raw. Besides, it contains glucosinolates that can prevent the development of cancer tumours in the mouth and digestive tract, claims the American Institute of Cancer Research.


With time, the acid in your mouth eats away the protective tooth enamel. But the calcium and phosphorus found in cheese and tofu can prevent the decay.

Whiter Teeth Foods


The enamel-building phosphorus can be found in abundance in salmon. In every three ounce serving, you can have 315mg of the mineral. Also, this fatty fish is also a good dietary source of vitamin D which boosts calcium absorption.


Grandma’s age old secret to a healthy life has always been green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce are considered to be one of the best sources of enamel-building magnesium, as it serves 78mg in half a cup serving. The best part about the green wonder is that unlike many other foods, it does not contain enamel-harming acidity.

The secret to a healthy, white smile has been revealed. Make the most of it.

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