5 Facts you must know about the growth hormone

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Nov 20, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • GH helps in improving linear growth (height) in kids.
  • There are some inhalable forms of growth hormones.
  • GH side-effects include insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes etc.

Ever heard of GH? Well, they are advanced human growth hormones that have been reported to offer opportunities to the anti-aging community, athletes and body-building enthusiasts to explore its new possibilities. 

Norditropin SimpleXx

Norditropin SimpleXx is a GH product that helps in improving liner growth (height) in kids, reverses aging-related body changes in old people, improves body composition and accelerates healing. 

Growth hormone delivery doesn’t come easy

There are some inhalable forms of growth hormones that have proven to be an effective substitute in comparison with the injection ones. Although the inhalable ones have shown bioequivalent results in kids and adults in context to drug kinetics, the downside to inhaled growth hormones is that it is inefficient when it comes to the quantity of drug that might have been absorbed. 


Usually, growth hormones are injected in the abdomen area or near the thigh. This is because it allows them to disperse quickly or for that matter near completely in the blood stream. Usually, the thigh and abdomen area are chosen because people can self inject. Besides, the circulation is also good when GH is injected. 

The new variation on GH-pGH

Talking of growth hormones, there has been a new variety that attaches a long polyethylene glycol chain to the protein structure and delivers a prolonged presence in the bloodstream. It is called pegylated growth hormone. This apparently makes the protein bigger, which does not get filtered by the kidney that passes through the urine. 

Side-effects of growth hormones

Growth hormones used for anti-aging and bodybuilding cause many side-effects that include insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome, type 2 diabetes, facial bone distortion, organ growth and elongation of hands and feet.

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