5 Beauty Lifesavers you Should Keep at Work

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Mar 24, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • All-in-one makeup stick can help you touch-up anywhere.
  • Preparation H cooling gel can remove dark circles instantly.
  • Pressed powder can fight greasy locks.
  • Stain remover pen can remove those unwanted stains.

The party that went on all night long in the  neighbourhood did not let you sleep. The white top which you had kept ready for office was craving for coffee in the morning and hence, you spilled your cup of coffee over it. Or, maybe your alarm clock cheated on you and did not wake you up on time, which left you choosing between reaching office on time and taking a shower and for obvious reasons, you chose reaching office on time. These and many more could cause beauty emergencies which may require some immediate fixes. Here we tell you some beauty fixes which you could keep at work to prevent a stressful situation.

Makeup Tips for Office

Issue #1

You need to freshen up your look before hitting the after office party, but your makeup bag took a day off and stayed at home.
Beauty Saver: In such a situation, an all-in-one makeup stick can come to your rescue. Always keep it in your handbag and use it to touch up your eye shadow, lipstick and blush.

Issue #2

The party lasted longer than expected and now you have to deal with dark circles.
Beauty Saver: Preparation H Cooling Gel. This can happen with anyone. Although you can’t eradicate the cause from its root you can surely use the cooling gel to resolve the issue. Dabbing a little amount under your eyes will reduce the puffiness and soothe dark circles. What would you get? Sparkling eyes even after hours of not hitting the bed.

Issue #3

You did not wake up on time, and this left you with no option but to skip some quiet moments under the shower.
Beauty Saver: Pressed powder. Using pressed powder will not only help you set your makeup but applying a tiny amount on the roots with a makeup brush will help you get rid of greasy locks.

Makeup Tips for Office

Issue #4

Your nail paint is in bad shape and you have your man honking at you because you are late for a romantic dinner date.
Beauty saver: Nail paint remover pads. Sure, going out without wearing nail paint may not seem to be a great option either. But it would still be any day better than wearing chipped nail paint. Use nail paint remover pads to get rid of the fashion faux pas. One pad will wipe out chipped paint within seconds.

Issue #5

Your outfit is soaked in coffee.
Beauty saver: Stain remover pen. When you have your favourite t-shirt soaked in coffee during breakfast session at office, it can get really awkward to walk around with the stain all day. But there is nothing to worry about if you have a stain remover pen handy. Use it on the stain and get rid of the embarrassment.

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