4 Reasons why Walking on Grass is Good for your Health

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Apr 27, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • It rejuvenates your senses.
  • Several organs get stimulated.
  • Electrical energies get neutralized.
  • It replenishes vitamin D stores in body.

Walking barefeet on wet grass with some fresh sunlight falling on your face can be the perfect start for your day. It not only gives you the energy to keep going through the day but also revitalizes your senses and makes you feel positive. But if this wasn’t enough for you, here are a few more reasons that will compel you to abandon your shoes tomorrow morning and run to a lush green park.

Walking on Grass

Rejuvenation of Senses

The complete setup of early morning hours plays an effective role in soothing your senses and calming your mind. The pollution-free air, sunlight and peaceful surroundings together can have magnificent effect on your tired body. While abundance of unpolluted oxygen helps your body function better, sunlight replenishes vitamin D in your body and the quiet surroundings lets the body release stress completely.

Stimulation of Body

There are numerous reflexology zones in your feet that correspond with various organs of the body. When these areas are stimulated, pain from different parts is released, which promotes a better state of health. Your feet has points for eyes, ears, lungs, nerves on the face, stomach, spleen, brain, kidneys, etc. Therefore, walking barefeet on grass stimulates these organs and helps the body to maintain optimum health.

Walking on Grass

Neutralizes Electrical Energies

Our mother Earth has several magnetic fields and a certain flow of energy. So, while walking barefeet on grass, you happen to get connected directly to that magnetic field, which has an effect on the complete electrical and magnetic field of your body. When this exchange of energy takes place, it results in the neutralization of negative electrical impulses in the body that could be a cause of many diseases.

Soaking in the Sun

Walking on grass early morning puts your body directly in line of sun's restorative and healing energies. Sunlight works as a disinfectant on your body, tones the muscles and nerves and fills the body with essential vitamin D.

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